Posh Paws Pet Care - Where your four legged family is our family!

Posh Paws Posse

Here at Posh Paws I pride myself on having employees who care about the animals and their human counterparts just as must as I do!  We really are one big family, and the quality of care carries on in each person who joins the Posh Paws team :)

                                                                             Melanie: House Sitter
Ever since I was a young girl I have had a special connection with animals. I've always wanted to work with them in one way or another and Posh Paws Adventures has given me that opportunity. Animals play a huge role in my life in the same way they do in yours. They aren't just pets, but important family members.  My current sidekick is a 10 year old chocolate lab named Holly, who loves the beach like I do. She also spends her time trying to make friends with my kitties: Noel, an older and tiny poly-dactyl, Lulu, a young and very affectionate tabby, and Token, the mischief maker of the group.I'm excited to meet and
connect with all your furry family members and show them the same love and affection I give my own.

Eliana: Pack Leader/House Sitter

After graduating from Santa Clara University in Spring 2017, I decided I wanted to spend my time doing something I love, caring for the local pets in my community. I have always had a deep love for all animals and believe the most important aspect of pet care is ensuring their happiness and health. In my free time I love running, painting, shopping, hanging out with friends, and doing yoga. I can’t wait to meet your  furry friends! :)


Pete: Pack Leader/House Sitter

Peter Johnson is a local from Half Moon Bay who recently obtained his Bachelors degree in Communications from Chaminade University of Honolulu. When he isn't surfing, Peter enjoys spending time with dogs and going on long walks/hikes with them to make sure they get an awesome workout but most importantly have fun and enjoy themselves along the way!